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The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is on an intercept course to prevent a war.


The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 is intercepting the USS Paegan NCC-1755 to prevent the Paegan from starting a war with a new class of Klingon ship.

Memorable quotes[]

"Captain's Log, stardate 7326.7. USS Intrepid is en route to intercept the USS Paegan under the command of my former command officer Captain Daahm. Admiral Lerl has given me orders to take command and prevent a war, if possible, due to Captain Daahm's tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. The USS Xerxes reported a new class of Klingon vessel and the Paegan was originally ordered to investigate it, but given the current commander's tendencies, Admiral Lerl thought it best that I take command of the mission, much to the chagrin of Commodore Stevenson. One can only hope we reach IP in time."
Captain Serek's log entry.


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