Kaenar Korban was a human politician, who became Vice President of the United Federation of Planets in 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early years Edit

Korban was born in Tycho City on September 12, 2332, to a long line of politicians. His father was one of the chief magistrates of Tycho City. He spent much of his youth in New Berlin and playing at Lake Armstrong with childhood friends, who later became members of his staff when he ran for political office.

Education Edit

Korban's mother wanted him to attend Starfleet Academy, but he opted to attend the University of New Berlin, where he received a Political Science degree. He continued his studies in Paris, and eventually returned to New Berlin to run for the Federation Council.

Early career Edit

Korban spent most of his career as a member of the Federation Council. He was elected Secretary-General five times, the only man ever to achieve that. In 2380, he decided to run for President.

Presidential Campaign of 2380 Edit

During the campaign Kaenar Korban ran against Korvin Mot, Laura Bernard, and Ultar Vagar. During the primaries he was considered the favorite to achieve the presidency. Thought during the campaign, and with the enterance of Laura Bernard, he started to drop in the polls. Then during the later stages of the campaign, Korvin Mot surged in the polls and over took him to take the lead and eventually win the election. As Mot surged in the polls, Korban watched his good friend from Tycho City, Rodney Brickenhouser desert him to join Mot's campaign.

Mot Administration Edit

On stardate 58321.24, to the surprise of many Federation citizens and his opponents, Korvin Mot was elected President of the United Federation of Planets. Korban, as the runner-up, became vice-president. During Mot's inaugural address a group of So'ja opperatives attempted to assassinate Mot. Korban was not present, but was sworn into office the same day in Paris by Federation Council Secretary-General Bill Jordan. ("Prime Target")

A month after entering office the Coalition War began.

In mid-2383, Korban went on an inspection of the front lines at Deep Space 5 with Admiral Harold Anton. ("Obsession")

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