General Kassus, a Romulan male, was the leader of the Tal Shiar in the 2380s. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In late 2382, Kassus approved of an operation that involved using a mind probe on Captain Markev Riganoff of the USS Ticonderoga (NCC-71837). ("Night Club")

In early 2383, the General authorized a secret mission to Yoth, believing that it was the Oppressor homeworld. When the mission became known to the Senate and Starfleet, Kassus denied all knowledge of it, and had the human captive, Felix Adar, released. ("The Forgotten Planet")

Kassus assigned his old friend Centurion Avin to "assist" Major Kovok at the Regus V listening outpost. When Avin questioned the posting, Kassus told him that Kovok was his son, and that he wished for Avin to become his mentor. ("Internal")

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