Commander Katherine Pulaski, MD, was a human Starfleet officer who served as the chief medical officer of the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D in 2365. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


Her assignment previous to the Enterprise had been as chief medical officer aboard the USS Repulse under Captain Taggart, and before that she served at Starfleet Medical. (TNG: "The Child", The Lost Era novel: Deny Thy Father)

Following her stint on the Enterprise, she returned to the Repulse, by then under the command of Captain Ariel Taggart, daughter of the previous captain. Sometime thereafter, Pulaski served as CMO aboard the USS Progress under Captain David Gold, until the ship's decommissioning in 2369. (TNG novel: Vendetta, SCE novel: Progress)

Sometime prior to 2376, Dr. Pulaski "had enough of starship medicine" and took a post at the research facility known as the Phlox Institute. In 2379, she took time off to attend the wedding of William Riker and Deanna Troi on Earth. She was still working at the Institute in 2385. (SCE novel: Progress, TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace, Star Trek: The Fall novel: A Ceremony of Losses)


Katherine Pulaski was married on three occasions, each marriage ended in divorce, though she remained on friendly terms with all of her ex-husbands. During a the 2350s, before her first marriage, she had a year-long romance with Kyle Riker. (TNG: "The Icarus Factor", TNG novel: Deny Thy Father)

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Pulaski was Leonard McCoy's great-granddaughter. She conveyed to him the news of Montgomery Scott's recovery after 75 years. ("Eulogy")

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