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Kathryn Janeway was a 24th century Starfleet officer. From 2371 to 2378 she served as the captain of the USS Voyager, which spent seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant. (Star Trek: Voyager)


20 May, year unknown
Born in Bloomington, Indiana, on Earth
Early 2360s
Serves as science officer aboard the USS Al-Batani under future Vice Admiral Owen Paris
Serves as commander aboard the USS Billings
Assumes command and becomes captain of USS Voyager; while looking for a Maquis ship in the Badlands, she was hurled to the Delta Quadrant along with her ship and crew
Returns to the Alpha Quadrant after being stranded for 7 years in the Delta Quadrant via the use of a Borg transwarp hub. Shortly thereafter, she is promoted to rear admiral and assigned to Starfleet Command
Orders Captain Jean-Luc Picard to Romulus for a diplomatic meeting with the new Praetor Shinzon

Alternate continuities[]

In one continuity, by 2381, Janeway was an admiral at Starfleet Operations. (Beverly Crusher Investigates: The Death on the Kobayashi Maru)


Around 2400, Janeway and others formed the Star Triangle Advanced Guard to stop unethical missions by covert organizations like the Tal'Shiar and Section 31 by utilizing state of the art technologies. ("Adventures of STAG")

Hosts first meeting of STAG with Jean-Luc Picard
Disappears under mysterious circumstances thought to be the time at which the Council of STAG was formed.

Pocket Books[]

Admiral Janeway died in 2380, but returned to human life with help from the Q in 2381. She was then assigned as the commander of the Project Full Circle fleet. (TNG novel: Before Dishonor, VOY novel: Full Circle, VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)

Alternately, by 2381, Janeway was serving as the acting head of Starfleet Intelligence and had been assigned the USS Sovereign (NCC-73811) as her personal flagship, on which she served as the commanding officer prior to the vessel's destruction at Vulcan. (Shatnerverse)

The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs[]

In an alternate timeline Kathryn Janeway was killed along with a third of her crew during the passage to the Delta Quadrant in 2371. Conn officer Veronica Stadi assumed command of Voyager for the journey home. (The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs: "Caretaker")