"Keepers of the Wind" is the fifth and final episode of the first season of the fan film series Star Trek: Odyssey. It takes place in 2384.


From the Hidden Frontier Web site:

Odyssey has struggled in the Andromeda Galaxy for a year. As Ro fights to keep his crew and ship together, a new potential ally emerges. But are the Alosians all that they seem? In the climactic season finale, Seram leads the Archein on a mission to capture Odyssey, while Caecus searches for his true identity.

Memorable quotes

"There is a saying in the Empire: 'An altruist is merely a merchant who has not yet named his price.'"
Subcommander T'Lorra advising Ro Nevin on trust.

"I will not play your games. If I traveled between galaxies, it was to be your death, not your dinner companion. Tell me what you want, or leave me be."
Subcommander T'Lorra, refusing General Morrigu's "hospitality."

"You know, you're a crummy captain. You get us stuck two-point-five million lightyears from home, you fall for every trick in the book--"
"That's enough!"
"I mean someone could paint 'Hi, I'm a trap' on a starbase and you'd still fly right into it!"
"I'm warning you, Lieutenant. Just calm down."
"Oh, you're warning me? What are you gonna do? Sic your stupid Prophets on me?"
-- Lt. Maya Stadi and Lt. Commander Ro Nevin, proving that heated arguments make excellent escape gambits no matter what galaxy you're in.

"Can't you just make them go to sleep? Run screaming from their worst nightmares or something? ...Sorry, I don't understand Betazoids."
"Believe me, nobody does."
Lt. Commander Ro Nevin and Lieutenant Maya Stadi, avoiding their pursuers.

"What makes you think I want your voice in my head. It already annoys my ears."
"She's here, Captain. Unharmed, and ungrateful."
Subcommander T'Lorra and Lieutenant Maya Stadi, on the first officer's safe return to Odyssey.

"Those people sacrificed their lives and their station to cover our escape. Bloody hell, woman! Can't you give your paranoia a rest?"
— An exasperated Doctor Owen Vaughn to Subcommander T'Lorra
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