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Kelsi Rose Nielsen was a Human Starfleet officer in the alternate reality caused by the Romulan known as Nero.

She was assigned to the reality's USS Enterprise following her graduation from Starfleet Academy and a stint on New Vulcan assisting the elder Spock (also known as Spock Prime) in its founding.

During her time on New Vulcan, Kelsi helped develop, alongside Spock Prime, a medicine that has been shown to slow, if not altogether stop, the onset of Bendii Syndrome.

Following fellow Ensign Gabriella Montez's rescue of Amanda Grayson, Kelsi was assigned to oversee Grayson's physical examination. Leonard McCoy commented that Kelsi executed "a textbook exam."

Shortly thereafter, Kelsi was chosen to be Enterprise's representative to a pilot program created by Starfleet Medical to test the feasibility of placing counselors on starships. This reassignment was as a result of Kelsi's majoring in psychology at Starfleet Medical Academy.

In addition to her reassignment to become Enterprise's counselor, Kelsi was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade on Stardate 2258.624.

Kelsi was romantically involved with Jason Cross, a Starfleet cadet who was killed on the USS Excelsior during Nero's attack on and destruction of Vulcan. However, following her posting to the Enterprise, Kelsi began a relationship with Ensign Ryan Evans. (A Flight to Remember)

In the prime timeline that was disrupted by Nero's incursion in 2233, Kelsi was the great-grandmother of Omega Force member Irina Nielsen. (Star Trek: Omega Force)

Kelsi was a early proponent for counseling services on Federation starships and died in 2379 at the age of 141. (Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force: Beyond the Edge of Forever)

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