Kemocite is a multiphasic isotope of a radiolytic compound, with many possible applications depending upon how well it is refined.

In 2153, a Xindi-Arboreal colony in the Delphic Expanse supplied kemocite to Degra for use in constructing the Xindi superweapon. (ENT: "The Shipment")

Kemocite is also carried aboard some Federation starships (VOY: "Equinox, Part I")

Kemocite is highly regulated by the Federation, and the illegal smuggling of kemocite is a serious offense. In 2372, Quark attempted to smuggle kemocite to Orion, under the guise of taking his ship, the Quark's Treasure, on a test flight to Earth. (DS9: "Little Green Men")

In December of 2376, kemocite smuggling was at an increase, as the Orion Syndicate was offering upwards of 3 bricks of latinum per ton of kemocite. The syndicate also hijacked 30 tons of kemocite from the Romulanwarbird Ronax.

USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum baited the syndicate by putting 12 tons of low grade kemocite on the market and, through an intermediary, had Quark find a buyer. The kemocite was altered so that the it could be tracked. An Orion female named Malina purchased the kemocite. Malina's ship and crew were subsequently picked up by the Romulans after a couple of brief struggles, and help from the Baldwin. (USS Baldwin: "Ronax")

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