Keran Azhan (service number: KR 485-950) was a El-Aurian Starfleet Intelligence officer specializing in linguistics. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Azhan's parents were El-Aurian refugees rescued by the USS Enterprise-B. They settled on Cestus III, and Keran was born in late 2300. He inherited the usual El-Aurian traits from his parents, including an innate curiosity of all things. This curiosity lead him to strike out to explore the galaxy at the age of twenty. Though Azhan is approaching eighty Terran years of age, he is little more than an adolescent in El-Aurian years. A fact which does not stop him from displaying an irritating habit of condescension towards the "younger races" he encounters in his travels.

After many years of living as a free spirit, wandering the various corners of the charted galaxy (including several years living amongst the denizens of the shady world of Farius Prime) he decided to enrol at Starfleet Academy. He graduated in 2374 with high grades, and spent three years serving as a counselor aboard the USS Challenger, before being transferred to a classified posting.


In 2381, he was assigned as the new counselor on the USS Intrepid ostensibly for the duration of the Chiron colonial duty. However questions about his possible association with Starfleet Intelligence brought him into conflict with Commodore Aaron Prentice and Commander Daniel Hunter. As a result, his tenure came to a sudden halt shortly before the Intrepid shipped out. He currently serves as a linguist aboard the USS Pandora, a Oberth-class survey vessel.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The great outdoors and I don't quite see eye to eye."
— "Machinations"


  • 2300: Keran Azhan is born.
  • 2350: Arrives on Farius Prime to explore "the darker side of life".
  • 2360: Leaves Farius Prime to pursue a diplomatic career.
  • 2361: Discovering that diplomacy is not to his taste, Azhan signs aboard the Free Trader Helios.
  • 2366: Returns to Cestus III. Attends Pike City University to study Behavioural Science and Linguistics.
  • 2370: Enters Starfleet Academy.
  • 2374: Graduates Starfleet Academy.

Background informationEdit

  • Keran Azhan is played by Alex Matthews in all of the character's appearances on Star Trek: Intrepid. He was played by Christopher Clarkson in a crossover appearance on Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, and in the teaser trailer for Intrepid.

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