The Khin'Vagh class, or D70 class, was a Klingon dreadnought class extant in the late 24th century, first put in service in 2369. (Journal of Applied Treknology)


As its alphanumerical designation indicated, the Khin'Vagh was intended to possess 10 times the power of its direct ancestor, the D7-class, as well as intended to be more powerful than the Vor'cha-class and faster but less powerful than the Negh'Var-class. It was loaded with forward-arc firepower, as 5 of its 7 torpedo tubes were facing forward, as well as 12 of its 16 disruptors. The Klingon Defense Force apparently tried to design a starship who had the best balance between speed, sophistication and rapid production.

Also, it was the first class of Klingon starships since the 23rd century to forego cloaking devices, making use of active ECM interference generators. A squadron of Khin'Vaghs comprised three ships. (Journal of Applied Treknology)

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A technology demonstrator was built and completed by 2369, but, because the Klingon High Council deemed the cloaking device a necessity, it was not until the 2390s that the go-ahead for regular production was given. As of 2401, twenty-five Khin'Vaghs were in service, with six hulls under construction. Like their predecessors, the PumwI'-class, they featured starbase-grade morgues and sickbays.

While Starbase 148 was under siege, the Stoneship fought, with the help of a Pink Panther-class cruiser, a lone Khin'Vagh-class starship was defending the starbase, being defeated through repeated attacks to the ship's stern. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Attack on the Laboratory")

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The Antechrist-class was said to be weaker in ship-to-ship combat than a Khin'Vagh-class dreadnought. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Black Tornado")

Due to the shortage of Klingon warp engineers in the 2360s, the Klingon Defense Force (and more specifically the House of Mortran) had to hire Ferengi and Romulan engineers to complete the Khin'Vagh project. The Romulan Senate, claiming that Romulan contributions were essential to the completion of the project, negotiated with the Klingon High Council (both using diplomats as proxies) to have the QeylIS BetleH-class battleship replaced in that ancient contract that was never fulfilled by three Khin'Vagh-class ships. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Wagon Train to the Stars")

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