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Khitomer was a Class M planet located in the Khitomer system in the Beta Quadrant. In 2293, Khitomer played a vital role in the formation of a Federation-Klingon alliance, staging the Khitomer Conference as it was seen as a neutral site by both sides following the crisis that erupted after the destruction of Praxis and the death of Chancellor Gorkon. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Following a meeting with representatives from several worlds on Khitomer in 2304, an agreement is reached which sees the dismantlement of the Starfleet space station K21. (Star Trek: Black Hawk)

In 2346, the Klingon colony on Khitomer fell victim to a Romulan sneak attack and - in what became known as the Khitomer Massacre - 4,000 colonists were killed including Mogh and Ja'rod. (TNG: "Sins of the Father") Only two survivors were rescued by the USS Intrepid, although it was later discovered that a group of colonists were captured by the Romulans and were taken to a prison camp in the Carraya sector. (TNG: "Birthright, Part I", "Birthright, Part II")

Teyla escaped to Khitomer in 2368 following her homeworlds (Geranda) destruction by the Borg. She was later rescued by the USS Cosair. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

In 2384 the USS Crusader was assigned to Starbase 24. Khitomer was one of the planets in her standard patrol route. (Star Trek Crusader)

In 2385, Khitomer was taken back by the Klingon Empire. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Triple Tribble Sunday", Star Trek Online: "The Path to 2409")

While on Khitomer late 2498, Logan MacLeod sacrifices his life in order to save his grandson from a Flaxian assassin. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

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