Kiley Thoren was a Trill female serving in Starfleet in the late 24th century. She served as Ship's Counselor aboard the USS Pendragon from 2379 to 2381. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Life and careerEdit

Kiley was born on Trillius Prime in the year 2337. Having never aspired to the joining, she left Trill to attend the University of Betazed as a psychology student.

After her graduation in 2363 and subsequent residency on Betazed, Dr. Thoren began her practice on Deneb V. On both Betazed and Deneb, she often treated Starfleet officers patients suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and other disorders as a result of their involvement in the Cardassian Wars.

After the Federation Civil War, she joined Starfleet in order to treat those traumatized by the conflict. She served aboard Starbase 375 until accepting assignment on the USS Pendragon in 2379.

Aboard the Pendragon, Kiley quickly became a confidant to Captain Sinclair, and despite her initial concerns that he wasn't over the trauma of his wife's death, she was a staunch supporter of his command. (PDN: "Exile")

In late 2379, Kiley began counseling Ben Bartholomew, whom the Pendragon had rescued from Romulan captivity. After several months without a breakthrough, Kiley convinced Sinclair that he needed to be involved in Ben's treatment, and together, they helped Bartholomew come to grips with what had happened to him and the other Maquis at the hands of the Tal Shiar. (PDN: "Children of the Burning Heart")

Kiley left the Pendragon in 2381, after a terrorist attack on Trillius Prime killed many symbionts and crippled the government. She placed her commission on reserve and returned to Trill to help in the reconstruction, both physical and psychological. (PDN: "Red Sky")

Memorable quotesEdit

"I've spent twenty years saving the rest of the galaxy. Now it's time to help my own people."
— Kiley to Timothy Sinclair ("Red Sky")

Background informationEdit

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