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The Kindred-class was an advanced type of infiltration and espionage starship used by the rogue organization Section 31 in the latter 24th century. (Star Trek: The Section 31 Files)

Profile[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the Kindred-class line of vessels. From what is known of the class, it has been stated by one Tom Backus as "smaller than the Defiant-class". However, there have been conflicting statements to this, chiefly among these was stated in an encounter with the Sakaar and the USS Pioneer.

In this encounter, it was suggested that the pathfinder to this class had the ability to hold a sizeable portion of the crew of the Pioneer. (Star Trek: The Section 31 Files: "Bold Venture")

It is possible that, much like the Quantum-class of Star Trek: Arcadia, that the Kindred class makes a reference to a specific type of vessel rather than a class.

The primary distinction of this class is its abilities as a multi-faceted infiltration craft. The vessel's class has demonstrated to be equipped with the ablative armour first attained by USS Voyager via the "future" Kathryn Janeway, a Phasing cloak derived from rescued schematics from the "Pegasus Incident" and various other equipment including transphasic torpedoes.

Judging by sound effects utilised in Star Trek: The Section 31 Files, the Nosferatu is apparently armed with pulse phasers rather than the more standard beam variant.

At least one vessel of this type, the USS Nosferatu, was equipped with a Genii "Slipdrive" during the final weeks of the conflict with the Divine Celestial Imperium ruled a clone of the Novachron, Takila Mak.

To date, only five of these vessels are known to have been constructed by Section 31, yet is reasonable to assume that despite of the Infection, Section 31 maintained a viable fleet of ships. What became of this fleet is to date, unknown.

Notable vessels[edit | edit source]

(Star Trek: The Section 31 Files)

(Star Trek: Excelsior)

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