Kinlo, daughter of Koltek was a female Klingon active as a Federation Starfleet non-commissioned officer in the early 25th century. She held a systems engineer rating. (Bait and Switch, The War of the Masters)

Biography Edit

Kinlo hailed from Donatu V. (Bait and Switch: "A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II")

Bait and Switch Edit

In 2409, Kinlo held the rank of master chief petty officer and was the ranking cyberwarfare expert on USS Bajor. Lieutenant Dul'krah, Clan Korekh consulted her on an electronic intrusion into Facility 4028 that accompanied a break-in at the prison. (The Headhunt)

In 2410, Korekh again consulted her on a computer worm that had been inserted into Bajor's main deflector control systems to sabotage the Schrodinger's Butterfly sensor experiment. Kinlo confirmed that the worm bore none of the hallmarks of Cardassian computer science and recommended focusing instead on the Bajoran contingent. (Reality Is Fluid)

Later that year she had been promoted to command master chief petty officer and the post of senior enlisted advisor to Captain Kanril Eleya. She beamed down to a facility Adaris VIId with an away team to investigate a Borg presence at a Preserver-built surface facility, leading to the discovery of the Borgs' origins and the original Borg drone One of One. ("A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II")

Early in the Iconian War, Kinlo directed a salute to Kanril after the captain was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, and a three-volley salute to the deceased Rear Admiral Zandra Taitt. (Beat the Drums of War)

The War of the Masters Edit

In 2412, Kinlo commanded the casket team and the rifle team performing the funerary salute to Lieutenant Commander Sobaru Lanstar. ("The Only Way to Go")

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