The Kirov-class battlecruiser was a type of Federation Starfleet starship in service during the 23rd century. (Starfleet Command (game))

Created in the 2250s to bolster Starfleet's combat capabilities without increasing the fleet's budget, the Kirov-class was designed as a battlecruiser variant of the Constitution-class explorer. This was achieved by cutting down on the science equipment, increasing the ship's firepower and giving it an tougher overall structure.

The performance of the Kirov-class is similar to that of the Constitution-class from which it is derived. The class is stronger in combat than the Constitution, with a more rigid structure and an aft Torpedo launcher (which many ships of the Constitution-class would later be modified to include). On the other hand the Kirov performs substantially worst in an Exploration or Scientific role than her cousin. The class is also hampered tactically by the lack of extended sensors, especially against cloaked Romulan vessels. (Jaynz - Ships of Star Fleet)

At least two ships of this class were still in service over a century later. (Star Trek: Syracuse, RIS Bouteina)

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Kirov-class battlecruiser was portrayed in both RIS Bouteina and in Starfleet Command (game) as having an Excelsior-class hull, only with four photonic missile launchers in addition to the weapons of a stock Excelsior. (RIS Bouteina: "Battle at the Grave of Thoughts")

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