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The Klokian were a species from the 39th century who were sewed into the fabric of the space-time continuum as total opposites of omnipotent beings, such as the Q. Klokian skin was a thick, reptilian-like material that was deadly to the touch for omnipotent beings, or any being like as such. The species themselves were, for the most part, anti-social and self-driven toward their own goals. All Klokian had similar names, or were named exactly the same: "Klokian". Many Klokians had variations of the name; for example, "Klokia" or "Kloka". (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Fight, Parts I, II & III", "Vitality")

Physical abilities[edit | edit source]

Because of their unique skin, the Klokian were able to cling to walls or ceilings when desired, and for agile maneuverability.

They also had the ability to create quantum duplicates of themselves. This unique power came from their inter-woven state within the space-time continuum. A duplicate Klokian was a self-driven consciousness, but controlled by "suggestion" from the original Klokian. These duplicates contained a fraction of the original Klokian essence, in a way existing as hollow shells awaiting the "command", but all the while retaining the original Klokian's personality, physical strengths and weaknesses.

Telepathy was a more vague and unused power of the Klokian. The Klokian favored speaking, and only used their extra-sensory powers in conjunction with their power of duplication.

The Klokian also retained a rarely used bio-electric power, of which they could conduct bands of energy for use against an enemy or predator. This power was never used, as the Klokian had evolved to depend on technology for defenses and such.

Cloaking, or becoming invisible, at will, was another ability of the Klokian. This was used in part with their bio-electricity to mask themselves from enemies.

The Klokian were naturally repellent to Qs, who regarded Klokian as disgusting and horrid. A Q's power was not able to work against or in conjuction with a Klokian.

Time travel[edit | edit source]

The Klokian used time travel to complete their specific goal of capturing omnipotent beings. Small timeships, about the size of a Starfleet runabout, were built with time travel chambers. The chambers were only able to run under the broken-down energy aquired from captured omnipotent beings. If a chamber was empty, time travel would not be possible.

People[edit | edit source]

Ships[edit | edit source]

Klokian's timeship

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • Klokian was the main character from the Klokian species used in Star Trek: Phoenix-X; usual references to "Klokian" meant him.
  • "Klokian" is both a singular and plural sense, as a species reference.
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