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Kori Barnes was Chief of Security onboard the USS Poseidon. (Star Trek: Poseidon (RPG))

Early lifeEdit

Born in Canada, Barnes studied at the Halifax space collage for sometime. After some of his friends left to join Starfleet, he decided he should go to. He enrolled in Starfleet Academy and passed with flying colors. He graduated in 2377, with honours, one of the best in security in 15 years.


After that he went to live with his family on Mars for a short time before going back to Earth awaiting assignment. He posted to Starbase 11 for evaluation and got issued orders to be a security officer on the USS Serenity-A. Sadly the ship was destroyed during that time... Back on the starbase, he was promoted to ensign and assigned as Security Officer. Later he was drafted to the USS Poseidon-A. After the most resent loss of his mother, he decided to take it slow and go work on the starbase. While there, he investigated his brother's death and tried to find the killer.

After the short "war" with the Hur'q, Starbase 11 was destroyed. Kori transferred to Deep Space 9 as a security officer for about 4 months. He later found out most of the crew from Starbase 11 transferred to Starbase Atlantis. Kori got on the next transport over, he was promoted to Lieutenant and became the stations ACoS.

After a few eventful months, the USS Poseidon returned to Starbase Atlantis to pick up some more crew. Seeing this as a opportunity, Kori decided to transfer to the Poseidon as ACoS. Later, he finds out the current CoS isn't as qualified as Kori himself so Kori gets assigned as Security Chief instead, and the Current CoS, Reggie, one of Kori's friends, gets reassigned as ACoS.

After the near destruction of the Poseidon, it was repaired as the Leviathan Spacedock. He is currently on the Poseidon.

Service RecordEdit

  • 2382: USS Poseidon NCC-70176-A - Currently Serving on board the USS Poseidon as Chief of Security
  • 2380: Starbase Atlantis - Served on board Starbase Atlantis as Assistant Chief of Security.
  • 2379-2380: Deep Space Nine - Served aboard DS9 as a security officer for 4 months then got transferred to Starbase Atlantis.
  • 2379: Starbase 11 - Served on board Starbase 11 as a security officer until its destruction.
  • 2379: USS Poseidon-A - Served aboard the USS Poseidon as a security officer
  • 2378-2379: Starbase 11 - Served on SB 11 as a security officer


  • 2377
    • Red Arrows Award for Advanced Piloting
    • Golden Phaser Award
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