Korvin Mot was a Bolian, who was elected President of the United Federation of Planets in 2381; He was preceded by Himta Mayala. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early years Edit

Korvin Mot spent most of his childhood traveling around Federation space with his parents, who were archaeologist. As a young man, Mot learned early about the history of the Federation and of many planets within the Federation, including Earth. Mot found the political systems of early civilizations fascinating, and was genuinely interested in politics in general.

Education Edit

No one was surprised when he passed up Starfleet Academy for the University of Earth in Geneva. Mot graduated with a degree in Political Science, and got his masters, and Ph.D. at the Federation Political Academy in San Francisco. While attending FPA, Mot was introduced to a very powerful member of the current administration at the time. This powerful man saw the talent in Mot and wasted no time in acquiring Mot upon his graduation.

Early career Edit

Mot served as an assistant in the Presidential Cabinet Office for several years, before running for a position on the Federation Council to represent Bolarus IX. While on the Federation Council, Mot impressed many people amongst the Federation Council, and gained a lot of political friends amongst them. While a council member on the Federation Council, Mot struck up a friendship with eventual President Jaresh-Inyo.

Presidential Campaign of 2380 Edit


Vice-President Kaenar Korban from Star Trek: Pioneer

During the campaign Korvin Mot ran against Kaenar Korban, Laura Bernard, and Ultar Vagar. Mot told reporters that he did not seek the Presidency like his opponents, but was merely answering "the call". During the campaign, due to his advisors' suggestions he began to distance himself from President Jaresh-Inyo's policies and administration, which put a strain on their friendship.

Presidency Edit

On stardate 58321.24, to the surprise of many Federation citizens and his opponents, Korvin Mot was elected President of the United Federation of Planets. The runner-up, Kaenar Korban, became vice-president. During Mot's inaugural address a group of So'ja opperatives attempted to assassinate him. ("Prime Target")

A month after becoming President the Coalition War began.

In 2381, Secretary-General Bill Jordan was approached by Korvin Mot's Chief of Staff, Rodney Brickenhouser, to propose a vote of no confidence in Mot so that Kaenar Korban could become President and preside over the Federation during the Coalition War. Jordan declined the proposal. ("For Better or Worse")

In 2383, Tolleson implied that Section 31 ensured Mot's victory during the 2380 election. ("The Forgotten Planet")

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