Kressgon (or Kressgon III) is the third planet in the Kressgoni system. It is a Class M planet in the Beta Quadrant, near the Romulan Neutral Zone and a strategically significant world with a rich culture and eventful history. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series), Star Trek: Rapture, Star Trek: Revolutions, et al)

History[edit | edit source]

The presence of multiple ruined structures and the Dome are a clear indication that the Iconians once had some sort of presence on the planet. Thousands of years later, the early clans would uncover various caches of weapons and a Gateway, learning to use them.

For several centuries a Human-like species thrived but didn't develop technologically beyond stone-age systems. Due to an obvious lack of Space Warp capability - something the clans might not have developed for another thousand years - little more than observational contact had been made by the Federation in the past. However, in 2380, a Romulan warbird made a survey of the planet, possibly as a pretence to a later conquest, in which the Warbird itself entered the atmosphere. Although cloaked, the atmosphere revealed the Warbird directly above the Kressgon city, confusing and alarming the locals. Rather than leave and go to the expense of covering up the scene, the Romulan commander made First Contact.

It was however the Federation which stepped in and made the small civilisation a protectorate, frequently sending ships and crews to patrol the planet and interact without heavily interfering it's social development. This would change, however.

Culture and Politics[edit | edit source]

The native race of Kressgon are known as Kressgonians, a spiritual name, although, unusually for a culture of their level, they no longer worship any "God" entity.

A N00b and a Chov next to Kressgon's Stargate

Large tribes or clans of Kressgonians live on a large area of land in the northern areas of the planet, and although there have been many tribal wars over the past two hundred years, most are now united. The clans still claim land and territory, however, wanting to maintain their identity, and an average clan has around 600-700 members. Kressgon is a Federation protectorate.

N00b clan[edit | edit source]

The N00b clan is an economically poor tribe on Kressgon, with few resources and land. They do, however, possess the planet's Stargate in one of their villages, as well as having access to the Iconian Dome at the edge of their territory. Despite being smaller, the N00bs are rich with traditional Kressgonian culture, with trades such as farming, weaving and woodwork. Most N00b females have blonde hair.

Chov clan[edit | edit source]

In control of Kressgon city, the Chovs are wealthy and strong clan, although somewhat pretentious in their attitude towards other, poorer clans.

The village

Geographical[edit | edit source]

Kressgon is like many M class worlds. There is a large proportion of ocean on the surface and much of the land is forest-like.

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