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Kugo was a Starfleet chief engineer aboard the USS Phoenix-X. She held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and was also Third officer. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


When Kugo was born, she was born from two Vulcans. For reasons unknown, she was brought to Romulus, where she was genetically altered to be a Romulan. She grew up with Romulan parents and went to Romulan schools until joining an assassination agency.

Kugo spent most of her young adulthood as other species. At least 9 times before her final assassination attempt, Kugo underwent a genetic medical procedure to alter her appearance and gene structure to reflect that of the species needed to murder her target. Kugo worked as an assassin for two Romulans, a Lasha and Tey; who gave her her missions. During her twenty years as a Romulan assassin, Kugo had been at least a Klingon, a Bolian, a Human, and a Cardassian. To her knowledge, she was of Romulan origins.

The period when Kugo was altered as a Human was the longest time she spent as one species. In fact, her time was so long that Kugo entered and finished Starfleet Academy.

On June 14th, 2373, Kugo successfully murdered Willy T. Cutledge: a human politician with xenophobic views. During this assassination, Kugo was altered from her previous state to a Vulcan. Desiring to leave the world of being an assassin, Kugo escaped and created a life within Starfleet.

It is not known how her previous species in Starfleet Academy was dealt to be different than her current species as a Vulcan, although it is likely she took on a second identity.

Kugo began aboard the USS Bautista, but was soon called to undergo a special transfer at Deep Space 9. Little to her knowledge, she was being transferred to the USS Phoenix-X. It was during her service on that ship where she learned her true identity as being that of Vulcan. ("The Links' Traitor", "Identity", "Fantastic Method")

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"Kayl, I am pleased to see you again. It has been quite some time since your incompetence."
Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Life 2"


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