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A new Kzinti fighter that needed evaluation by the Federation before the Kzinti Patriarchy could deploy the class. Because the vessel was designed by the Kzinti, it needed to be operated by a Felinoid. Because Commander D'Sefet was the only Felinoid/Caitian serving on a Federation/Romulan Fighter Carrier, he was assigned the task.


Her, or more properly his, (the Kzinti, unlike Humans, refer to their vessels in masculine terms) overall shape is, what would be called by Humans, a delta wing design. Although on closer inspection, it is clear the shape is one of a stylized cat head. From the triangular navigation deflector in the nose to the enormous oval eye blister windows, one on either side of the vessel. The final feline touch, the long, if you will pardon the expression, canine tooth fangs that make up part of the mount for the warp nacelles.

The boarding hatch is a clam shell design, much like the hanger doors of old Enterprise NCC-1701. Except for the yellow and black checker-board pattern Starfleet has applied to the trailing edge of the upper rear body panel to identify the vessel as experiential, and the usual Starfleet pennant stripes on the warp nacelles, the ship is not painted. The hull's color is a dull silver/grey owing to the radiation shielding built into it. The pilot is allowed to paint their name under the blister windows, and when decided on, paint the vessel's name on either side of the navigation deflector nose.


  • Prolog: In the completion of Old Missions from the USS Shadow Hawk, Commander D'Sefet is introduced to his "Special Project".
  • While the Cats Away - Episode 7: While "testing" the fighter, Commander D'Sefet discovers a Slaver Box in FI-9's Star System. Although it was not common practice for the Kzinti to name "lesser vessels", D'Sefet named his vessel Kzinti's Guardian in this episode.
  • PURsistance is Futile - Episode 9: When two Borg Cubes come calling, Commander D'Sefet has Kzinti's Guardian ready for a quick escape. (D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine‎)
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