Laertezvedha Mundir'Zah (or “Dirzah”) was a Saurian Starfleet officer in the 25th century. For the better part of his career he served aboard the Federation starship USS Mariner as its operations manager. (Mariner)

Early career

Dirzah entered Starfleet Academy and graduated one year early as Saurians are so intelligent. Dirzah worked in San Francisco before transferring to the USS Mariner.

USS Mariner

Aboard Mariner, Dirzah holds a position at Ops on the bridge where he monitors system power levels, communications, transporters, and more.

The nickname “Dirzah” was given to him by Captain Gage after deciding his actual name was too difficult to remember. This also happened to be the common name for his mother, so he is not very fond of the nickname although he would never complain to a senior officer. ("A New Threat")


Veranis Nik

Dirzah met Veranis Nik at Starfleet Academy and the two became friends ("Shakedown"). He entered the academy a year behind Veranis, but they ended up in the same graduating class.


For his first ground mission, Dirzah was assigned to a reconnaissance team led by Sirol. Sirol objected to Dirzah’s presence, believing he was “too green” for such a task. Dirzah performed well and earned Sirol’s respect. ("A New Threat")

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