Commander Lara was the first officer aboard the USS Hathaway under the command of Captain Jeffery Pierce. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Early lifeEdit

Lara was born into slavery in 2246 somewhere in Orion space, she was then purchased in 2248 at the age of two. At age twelve she was stolen/rescued from slavery by Eric and Veronica Maximillian and taken in as their own and raised on Omicron Theta.

Starfleet Academy and early careerEdit

Lara was the first Orion female to enter Starfleet Academy. She graduated in 2267 and was assigned to USS Potemkin (NCC-1657). During her time on the Potemkin she became friends with Jeffery Pierce.

In 2280 she was promoted to commander and became the first officer of USS Constitution under the command of Captain Linda Sopher. In 2284 she was brought up on charges and court-martialed for an incident where she overrode Sopher's command. While ultimately proven correct in her actions the event left a black mark on her record and she lost her position on the Constitution. Uncertain about her future, Lara spent a brief period of time as "inactive" until she was offered the opportunity to serve as first officer of the second Constellation-class vessel, USS Hathaway under the command of her former shipmate and friend, Jeffery Pierce.


  • 2246: Lara is born in Orion Space.
  • 2267: Graduates Starfleet Academy and assigned to USS Potemkin (NCC-1657).
  • 2280: Promoted to Commander and assigned as First Officer on the USS Constitution (NCC-1700).
  • 2284: Brought up on charges which were later found to be unwarranted.
  • 2285: Assigned to USS Hathaway as First Officer.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Red Alert"
— (Star Trek: USS Hathaway: "Genesis")

Background information Edit

  • "Red Alert" had the most takes so far, it is Traeonna's most hated line in the series to date.
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