Lieutenant junior grade Laura Bennett was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century.

Starfleet careerEdit

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, she was assigned to the USS Horizon. By 2375, she was serving as the Flight controller on the USS Ticonderoga under captain Roger Decatur. She piloted the ship between a Jem'Hadar attack ship and the USS Baldwin. As a result, the ship was disabled. Captain Decatur had ordered her to initiate the maneuver and subsequently recommended her to Baldwin' captain Patrick Ingrum. Patrick acted on his recommendation and posted her to the Baldwin's helm.

Her first duty of combat impressed Patrick a lot, as the Baldwin dodged most of the fire as they came under attack by a swarm of Jem'Hadar attack ships. She admitted (and demonstrated) a spatial sense that impressed her new captain (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye"). Patrick recommended that she take bat'leth training from a Klingon Warrior. She took Patrick's advice. The Klingons were impressed with the way she handled the Klingon sword, proclaiming that she had the heart of a warrior after only three months of training. She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on Stardate 52535. Soon after, Laura exhibited telekinetic ability (USS Baldwin: "Only the Young").

After the war had ended, she sought spiritual guidance from a cleric at the Bajoran monastery of Deep Space 9. The Cleric noted the young woman had a strong pagh (USS Baldwin: "Good Will").

Personal relationshipsEdit

Laura previously served on the Horizon with Stephanie Taylor, Betsy Royer, and Sarah Allison. The four formed a friendship, and got together aboard the replimat on Starbase 375 in 2375. (USS Baldwin: "Bullseye")

Service jacketEdit

Assignment HistoryEdit

CDT1 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
First Year Cadet 2367-68 Starfleet Academy Assumes four years in the Academy
from the age of 18
CDT2 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
Second Year Cadet 2368-69
CDT3 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
Third Year Cadet 2369-70
CDT4 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
Fourth Year Cadet 2370-71
ENS (TNG).png
Red (TNG).png
Ensign 2371 USS Horizon USS Baldwin: "Bullseye"
ENS (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
2375 Flight controller, USS Ticonderoga
2375 Flight controller, USS Baldwin
LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2375 USS Baldwin: "Only the Young"


Battle of Cardassia Medal Battle of Cardassia Medal 2375 Received for serving on Baldwin
during the Battle of Cardassia
USS Baldwin: "Resolution"
Dominion War Victory Medal Dominion War Victory Medal 2375 Received for serving in Starfleet
during the Dominion War
USS Baldwin: "Good Will"


  • Laura was intended to exhibit abilities similar to the Jedi in Star Wars — the USS Baldwin author has friends who are Star Wars fans.
  • The surname "Bennett" is an homage to Heroes.
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