Admiral Lawrence Cheung was the Chief of Starfleet Operations in 2383. Earlier in his career, he served as the commanding officer of Starbase 505 where Richard Boswell served as his deputy and later senior adjutant.

Service jacket[edit | edit source]

Previous assignments[edit | edit source]

First-year cadet 2317-2321 Starfleet Academy
Second-year cadet
Third-year cadet
Fourth-year cadet
Ensign 2321-2322 Communications officer USS Agamemnon
Lieutenant junior grade 2322-2324 USS Calgary
Lieutenant 2324-2329
Lieutenant commander 2329-2337
Commander 2337-2345 First officer USS El Alamein
Captain 2345-2352 Commanding officer
Rear admiral lower half 2352-2358 Fifth Exploratory Task Group
Rear admiral upper half 2358-2364 Starbase 505
Vice admiral 2364-2372
Admiral 2372-2374 Interim Chief of Starfleet Operations Starfleet Command
2374- Chief of Starfleet Operations
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