Lea Tor
Species: Geltan
Gender: Female/Triax
Born: possibly 2355
Hair: Ochre or Hazel with streaks of Maroon red
Eyes: Varies upon mood
Height: approx 1.99m m
Weight: Variable kg
Affiliation: Geltan Confederation
Stationed: ISS Descent
Rank: Lieutenant
Insignia: Terran Starfleet - LT

Lea Tor was a non-Imperial Starfleet, assistant Chief of Security and Tactical aboard the ISS Descent - under the command of the actual Chief of Security and Tactical: Tom Calaway. She was asked aboard by Captain Aeon Ryku after her ship was taken over by Tellarites. Aeon reasoned that the Tellerites were most likely going to annex her homeworld, so she may have aswell stay on the Descent where she was safe. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)


Lea Tor's name is the closest equivalent English phonetic contraction to it as can be. Her apparent age (of 27) is just an adjustment from the Geltan Calendar. Lea's race is Geltan - singular: Geltasch. (All personal and proper names have been abbreviated. This contraction is acceptable to the Geltans) Lea has no known specific weight for height/weight ratio (Geltan individuals have the ability to increase/decrease their mass by absorption or ingestion of inorganic matter - reason unknown). Her hair is generally, light Ochre or Hazel with streaks of Maroon red. Her eyes have no fixed colour, as it varies upon mood.

Character historyEdit

Lea Tor was born on Geltar. Her home planet is a binary planetary system, twinned with Herac. Although both planets formed at a similar time and share a similar orbit, Herac has very little water (1/8th of the total surface area) and only bacterial lifeforms.

Lea grew up in Trebiscal, a coastal town. She had a normal upbringing until the age of 6, when her Triaxal mother, Reta, was killed. Her two remaining parents reluctantly decided, after a number of years, to move with Lea to the city of Vrastar, to pursue careers in offworld studies and allow Lea to access to other, more ‘metropolitan’ experiences.

At school, she learned pretty much of everything, but was drawn to Ethics and Combat studies – a contradiction in terms, some might say.

She also made some money during her studies as a part-time hairdresser – hair being an important part of Geltan culture.


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