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Legendary Universe is a Star Trek fan fiction universe created by long-time fanfic author Christina Moore (also known as CamSPD). It was developed in order to give her characters from the former Star Trek: Tales of the 11th Fleet shared universe new life. Original characters created by her as well as guest appearances by other writers' characters and canon characters feature in the 60+ stories on the LU website.

Set mainly post-Dominion War with some "flashback" stories, Legendary Universe follows television and movie canon for the most part, and includes some elements from the novel continuity. It is, however, considered by the author(s) to take place in one of the many alternate realities that run parallel to the Prime universe.

In January of 2021, the website and Facebook page underwent a re-branding. "Star Trek" was dropped from the universe's title, making it simply "Between the Stars", and a subtitle was added that reads "a STAR TREK fan fiction universe". The change was made to cover the possibility of other writers joining the universe as well as Miss Moore's own future writing plans; thus, the majority of the stories already posted were organized into series and collections by name of ship or space station. In December of 2021, the universe underwent a third and final name change to "Legendary Universe" in homage of the most ambitious of the series, the upcoming Star Trek: Legendary. The meaning behind the name of the universe (and series) is that there are several characters with connections to "legendary" Starfleet officers and vessels -- both canon and original -- who not only want to do their best to live up to the family legacy, but become legends in their own right.

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Guest authors:[]

  • Jack Elmlinger
  • Miranda Fave
  • Kahless of Vulcan
  • Joseph Manno
  • Derek O'Brien
  • Brydon Sinclair

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