Lieutenant Leslie was an officer aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) during James T. Kirk's first five year mission.

Leslie had no canonical given name. The pro-novels gave him different given names: Edward, after the actor who played him, and Frank. Orion Press solved the conundrum of his death in one episode, and his appearance in a later one, by making the character twin brothers, Eddie and Teddy.

Starfleet careerEdit

Leslie was a versatile officer aboard the starship Enterprise serving from as early as 2265 until as late as 2268. He served as duty officer, engineer, helmsman, medical assistant, navigator, science officer, and security officer at various times. He survived the Omega IV virus, and was infected by the Omicron pod plant spores. (Star Trek: The Original Series)

While Hikaru Sulu was recovering from the Psi 2000 virus, Leslie -- normally the beta-shift helm officer -- filled in for him on alpha. (TOS novel: The Janus Gate trilogy: "Present Tense")

Leslie would be promoted to lieutenant commander and would later serve as chief engineer aboard the USS Lexington (NCC-1703). (TOS novel: Yesterday's Son)

Fanon informationEdit

Orion PressEdit

There were twin Lieutenant Leslies assigned to Enterprise at the same time, Edward "Eddie" and Theodore "Teddy". Both were security officers, but Eddie doubled as a relief helmsman, while Teddy was a relief engineer.

Teddy was the one killed by the dikironium cloud creature on Argus X. (TOS: "Obsession", Orion Press Lexicon K-L, 2010 revision)

Star Trek is...Edit

Connors Thule Leslie was born aboard the SS Yorktown in 2224. He was the son of Edward Leslie. His mother died some years afterward. In 2229, he was the only child aboard the SS Yorktown, but was allowed free reign of the ship by his father, who was chief engineer. This fact dismayed Robert April when he was placed in command of the ship.

Star Trek: New VoyagesEdit

Leslie's father was a noted Starfleet admiral in the operations division. (STNV: "Come What May")

Trekker's Alternity GalactopediaEdit

According to the Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia, "Ed" Leslie's full name was Frank Ryan Connors Edsen-Leslie.

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