Star Trek Expanded Universe
Species: Trill
Gender: Female
Stationed: SD Raptor

Lex was a Trill host to two symbionts and the girlfriend to James Gotens. She was the subject of a self-depreciating Trill symbiont exchange. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Lex Seifer[]

For additional uses of "Seifer", see: Seifer.

Sometime between 2375 and 2377, Lex met James Gotens, who had convinced her to exchange her own Seifer symbiont with the opposite universe counterpart of his own symbiont. The notion was that they would become closer in this way.

When she agreed, both James and Lex pretended to be Trill technicians who were scheduled to do work on the advanced shuttle USS Paroga aboard the USS Phoenix-X.

Using a specifically created holographic program aboard the Phoenix-X, the two captured Commander Night Gotens and operated on both he and Lex. The result was an exchanging of symbionts. ("Secret Shuttles, Part II", "Secret Occurrences")

Lex Gotens[]

After the operation, Lex and James escaped into the mirror universe, using an iso-star. The now Commander Night Seifer gave chase, but was unsuccessful.

Lex continued to be at James' right side for most of his scheming and was part of his crew when he acquired his own starship. In 2382, she took part in going back into the primary universe and hijacking the USS Phoenix-X for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Unfortunately, their plans were thwarted by the crew and the sentience of her previous symbiont, and she was handed over, as a prisoner, to the Terran Rebellion. ("Mirrorlyness!")

It is quite possible that Lex's joining somehow poisoned the symbionts she joined with to the point of the symbionts becoming slaves to her will. That would explain the Gotens' symbiont easy and sickly turning to partner with his mirror double within James. It is also an explanation to Commander Seifer's evil characteristics, as explained in later episodes.

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