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Liaison revealed

The Liaison is a M'Tar name for the role in which a programmed M'Tar clone, M'Tar genetically-engineered person or other person acts as a liaison between a species (or, in some cases, a confederation like the Federation) and the M'Tar. They can sometimes be referred to as a Treaty.

Changes in Body and Mind[]

The Liaison may undergo limited anatomical and physiological changes, which limit the amount of control he or she has normally. The changes can be sudden or gradual. The M'Tar submerge the personality and will of the Liaison almost immediately, and control grows with time.

The Liaison requires a Link to communicate with the M'Tar whilst in a waking state. Alternatively, the Liaison can maintain communication whilst asleep or unconscious.

Specific Changes[]

When Daniel Radke was altered for this role aboard the wreckage of the USS Artemis, he underwent the following changes:

  • His eyes turned completely black. Stars could be seen drifting by in them (although this may have been due to him facing a huge breach in the Artemis's hull);
  • Orifices opened on his hands, allowing him to fire electrical pulses or charges from them;
  • The growth from the Link's arm linking into the orifice on his mid-back;
  • Extremely enhanced telepathic and telekinetic powers. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus")

Notable Liaisons[]

Daniel Radke's body was reconfigured and genetically altered by the M'Tar to serve in this function. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus") One of the very noticeable anatomical differences was a covered orifice linking into his spinal cord area. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

Other Information[]

Hahn Jun-Seok (an undercover Na'arbi agent) once speculated there was only one Liaison; however, with the appearance of the Treaty Killers in 2372, this speculation was proven wrong. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "White Flag")