Liana Ramirez served as first officer of the USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859).(Star Trek: Gibraltar)

USS TempestEdit

After serving aboard the Saber-class USS Tempest for a year and a half, Lieutenant Ramirez was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander by Captain Berkhalter. Berkhalter had been impressed by the security officer’s handling of a tense standoff with a group of Talarian mercenaries who briefly captured and occupied a non-aligned science research outpost in the Tanugan system. Ramirez’s cool head enabled a peaceful resolution to the crisis, and when the Tempest’s first officer was reassigned, Berkhalter tapped Ramirez to replace him. Ramirez continued to serve as executive officer aboard the Tempest for two years, participating in many battles during the Dominion War, primarily on the bloody Bolian Front. In early 2376, Ramirez was selected by Rear Admiral Monica Covey to serve as her adjudant. Ramirez looked forward to this assignment, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to cultivate the kinds of contacts with the admiralty that could propel her to an early command.

USS GibraltarEdit

In defiance of Ramirez’s expectations, shortly before she was due to report to Starbase 71 to join Rear Admiral Covey’s staff, Ramirez was unexpectedly transferred to the Executive Officer’s post aboard the newly recommissioned Constitution-class USS Gibraltar. Covey had just promoted Donald Sandhurst to the rank of captain, and assigned him the Gibraltar commission. Due to her extensive experience with the Cardassians while serving aboard the ShirKahr and the Cairo, both Sandhurst and Covey came to the conclusion that Ramirez would make an excellent XO for Sandhurst’s first foray into occupied Cardassian territory.

Ramirez vehemently protested the move, but was ultimately convinced by Sandhurst to remain for the duration of the Gibraltar’s relief mission to the Cardassian colony of Lakesh in the Crolsa system. Following the disastrous conclusion of that mission, Admiral Covey talked Ramirez into staying aboard the starship for a full year with the promise of her own command at the end of that tour of duty.

Memorable quotesEdit

"My job? Oh, that’s right, I remember now. That’s what I was doing on the bridge of the Tempest during the war. I was standing knee deep in bodies, surrounded by burning starships on the Bolian Front while Enterprise was playing diplomatic courier and flitting about on archeological surveys. I hope your uniform didn’t get too dirty hauling shovels around the dig sites for your captain."
— Commander Liana Ramirez to Commander Will Riker, discussing the flagship's non-participation in much of the Dominion War. (Prophets and Loss)
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