Liftu-Tensu-Leetu Culsten or Lif Culsten was the primary flight control officer on the USS Eagle. (The Star Eagle Adventures)

Early lifeEdit

Culsten was born on October 22, 2347 on Krellon IV, a Krellon colony. His father Nimtu-Tensu-Leetu was an officer in the Krellonian Fleet and his mother Sanu-Tensu-Leetu a museum curator.

After leaving for Earth, Lif decided to shorten his first name and use his family name, which is traditionally not used in Krellonian culture.

Starfleet careerEdit

While Lif’s family expected him to stay in Krellonian space and perhaps join the Krellonian Fleet, Lif had the desire to venture out and in 2362 he received a sponsorship to Starfleet Academy.

Lif’s positive demeanor and outlook made him a popular cadet on campus and he found it easy to adapt to life in the Federation. He had been a starship enthusiast since early childhood and piloted small shuttles before entering school. His piloting skills made his decision to join the Academy’s renowned Nova Squadron flight team an easy one. He excelled at Nova Squadron, setting a number of new records when he became flight leader in his junior year.

He graduated in 2366 and was assigned as a pilot to Starbase 12. While at the space station Lif showed great skills in piloting all kinds of small vessels. In 2368 he received the Silver Wing and two years later the Golden Wing for superior piloting proficiency.

In 2369 Lif made an impression on Eugene Edison while shuttling him to the starbase. He managed to escape an Orion Syndicate raiding party by taking the shuttle into a dense asteroid belt which had been classified as impassable.

Commander Edison would later remember Lif’s skills and recommend him as a helmsman for the USS Eagle. Lif transferred to Eagle in 2371 and was promoted to primary flight control officer a year after.

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