Dr. Lilith "Lilly" Adar was a human scholar, best known for her work on the ruins of Andres Rae. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

She was born on the planet of Tigon IV, but moved at a young age when her parents divorced, and was primarily raised by her mother on Andres Rae. While growing up on Andres Rae, she became fascinated with the history and culture of the Raecians, eventually getting a doctorate from the University of Earth in the study of history. According to her mother, the love of history was the only thing Lilly inherited from her estranged father.

In her doctorate paper, Lilly speculated that the Preservers and the First Ones may be one and the same. After graduating from University, she received a portable computer console as a gift, which was accompanied by a note from her father, Felix Adar, telling her how much he enjoyed reading her doctorate paper. It was the first time she had heard from him in years. ("Obsession")

In 2381, after Captain Benjamin Kelsoe discovered the Boolran artifact known as the Eye in the ruins of Andresia Raechia, the Federation Historical Society hired her to head the research of the ruins, looking for anything more that might shed some light on the mysteries surrounding the Oralian sector's history. She accepted the posting and went to work, along with her colleague, and lover, Julian Brooke. ("The Ruins")

In 2383, Lilly joined her lover, Julian Brooke, in helping his brother unravel the mystery of the planet Yoth. ("The Forgotten Planet")

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