Lilo Keali'I Pelekai-Jameson is a human being representing Earth in the United Galactic Federation, rulers of the dimension encountered by the crew of the USS Yagami in 2380. She is the commanding officer of the Enterprise.

While en route back to Earth from a diplomatic conference, Jameson and her unarmed diplomatic transport were attacked by an alien vessel. Jameson broadcast an all-frequencies distress call, which was intercepted by the Yagami.

Jameson and her staff were transported to the Yagami shortly before the transport was destroyed. While on a diplomatic tour of the Yagami, Jameson convinced S.S. Ponyo commander Stargazer Seville that the Yagami was not responsible for the loss of her transport.

Upon the Yagami's arrival at the U.G.F.'s Earth, Jameson and her staff were transported back to Turo, the U.G.F. capitol planet, by the U.G.F. starship Enterprise-A. (Some Other World)

The next time members of the Yagami crew saw Jameson at the funeral service for U.G.F. Grand Councilwoman Khandravex, after which Jameson was elected by the Grand Council to succeed Khandravex. Jameson then named Seville to succeed her as U.G.F. Earth Ambassador. (Beyond the Edge of Forever)

It was Jameson's idea (in concert with the mysterious AkaRed) to combine the weapons of the Yagami, the USS Enterprise-B and Turo One (the U.G.F. flagship) into the "Knights Triangle" formation for the final battle with the Decepticon robots. (Back to the Beginning)


Lilo Jameson (under the name "Pelekai") is the main protagonist in Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise. She has been voiced by multiple persons, though most notably by Daveigh Chase in the original Lilo & Stitch film and Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

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