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The Link is a M'Tar name for the role in which a programmed M'Tar clone or genetically engineered person acts as a link between a Liaison and the M'Tar, serving to process information whilst the Liaison remains in a waking state. Links can also be referred to as Treaties.

Changes in Body and Mind[]

The Link may undergo limited anatomical and physiological changes, which limit the amount of control he or she has normally.

The Liaison requires a Link to communicate with the M'Tar whilst in a waking state.

Specific Changes[]

When Ensign Garrett was altered for this role aboard the wreckage of the USS Artemis, she underwent the following changes:

  • The biological "vine" that transmitted information from the M'Tar to the Liaison through the Link "enveloped" her back;
  • Her right arm swelled noticeably and a large, jack-like instrument grew at the end of it;
  • Her eyes were shut but fluttered extremely quickly as her body processed the information;
  • She appeared humanoid but was covered in small and large vine-like growths. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus")

Other Information[]

Hahn Jun-Seok (an undercover Na'arbi agent) once speculated there was only one Link; however, with the appearance of the Treaty Killers in 2372, this speculation was proven wrong. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "White Flag")