Lisa Cusak was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. She was born in 2320 and by 2363 would reach the rank of captain and be assigned as the commanding officer of the USS Olympia.

In 2371, when the Olympia was returning to Federation space she diverted the ship to investigate an unusual energy reading. Finding a strange energy barrier surrounding a planet they scanned it, which resulted in a feedback that crippled the ship's engines. With no engines and fluctuating power Cusak ordered the crew to abandon ship. She was then rendered unconscious after a console blew up in her face. She was carried to an escape pod by her First officer, Commander Gatsby. (DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice")

After abandoning the ship her escape pod crashed on the planet, killing all the occupants except her leading her to believe she was the sole survivor of the disaster. With the pod torn apart she took shelter in a nearby cave with some emergency supplies and a subspace radio and sent out a distress call. After two days she managed to get into contact with the USS Defiant, however the signal was time-shifted over three years into the future and she mistakenly believed that the Defiant would be able to rescue her from the planet. She died of carbon dioxide poisoning after her supply of tri-ox compound expired.

Her body was retrieved by the crew of the Defiant three years later and taken back to Deep Space 9, where the crew held a wake in her honor. (DS9: "The Sound of her Voice")

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