The Space wing onboard USS Beliskner normally consists of upwards of five Starfleet Fighter Command squadrons due to both combat and peace time losses, it currently embarks only two, SFAR-354 and the Marine unit; SMFA-58, the former operating Peregrine-class fighters and the latter operating both Peregrine class fighters, Danube-class runabouts and Normandy class dropships, as well as several other special craft

Commander, Carrier Space WingEdit

Commander Dranzian “Starbuck” ChavinEdit

Deputy Commander, Carrier Space WingEdit

Lieutenant Commander Norman “Stormin’” DaceEdit



Singer small

Cadet Singer shortly after her arrival on board the USS Beliskner

Cadet 1st Class Danni “Banshee” SingerEdit

  • Pilot Trainee
    • Volunteered for Fighter Pilot School hoping that she would be assigned to the elite Banshee Squadron in the Briar Patch Sector. She is insubordinate and often butts heads with Commander Chavin and other superior officers. Cadet Singer is however turning out to be a very capable pilot.

Cadet 1st Class Jacob "Phaser" BanksEdit

  • Pilot Trainee
    • An excellent pilot, Banks was a member of the Academy's Nova Squadron Flight Demonstration Team, before being activated to fight in the conflict with Romulan Forces in 2381. He has proven a vital member of SFAR-354 and often flies as Lieutenant Commander Dace's wingman.

Weapons Systems OfficersEdit


Cadet Percival in flight suit, demonstrating her skills in Flight Operations.

Cadet 3rd class Adora "Einstein" PercivalEdit

  • WSO Trainee
    • Intelligent and very tech savvy,she was top of her class in almost every subject, but she chose to become a Weapons Systems Officer instead of a pilot or fleet Science Officer, much to the disappointment of her faculty advisor. Commander Chavin believes that although she is rather timid and young now, she will blossom into one of the Squadron's most vital members.

Flight Deck OperationsEdit

Senior Chief Petty Officer Laura NakitaEdit


Senior Chief Nakita and one of the Beliskner's Type-6 Shuttlecraft.

  • Senior Chief of the Deck USS Beliskner
    • Joined the crew when at Earth for repairs in early 2381, to replace previous Deck Chief who had been killed in action.

Unnamed USS Beliskner SFC personnel

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