Dr. Lucus Kesar was the Federation Special Envoy to the So'ja Resistance beginning in 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early life[edit | edit source]

Kesar was born on the planet of Liccus XII in 2326. From an early age he took an active interest in government politics. In 2344, at the age of 18, he moved away from home and attended the University of Liccus in the capital city of Wiggoma. Six years later he graduated with a doctorate in political science and was immediately ushered into the Grand Curia (the governing body of Liccus XII) as a page for one of the more elder Senators.

Early career[edit | edit source]

Kesar stayed in the Grand Curia for his entire career in service to the Wismagan people. He worked his way up the "course of honor" to eventually become a high ranking Senator, even become the Chief Minister from 2368 to 2371. He became Chief Minister at the age of 42, making him the youngest in Wismagan history.

First contact[edit | edit source]

During his last year as Chief Minister, Kesar welcomed Starfleet Captain Barbara Hessman as the first human or Federation representative to visit Liccus XII and meet the Wismagan people.

Federation career[edit | edit source]

Kesar's last act as Chief Minister was to send the petition for Federation membership to the Federation Council. Liccus XII became a member of the Federation in 2373. Kesar was immediately selected at Liccus XII's first representative in the Federation Council. Kesar served successful in the Federation Council and made many friends there and was widely excepted on Earth. In 2378, he officially moved his residence to Paris, Earth, and ceased his service as Liccus XII's representative on the Federation Council. He went into semi-retirement, only returning to the Federation Council to participate in special diplomatic functions.

Ambassador career[edit | edit source]

In 2380, then Federation President Himta Mayala, convinced Kesar the come out of retirement to serve as a Federation ambassador. In 2381, before the Presidential Election got underway Himta Mayala asked Kesar to help out with the So'ja. He told Kesar how Starfleet had received intelligence that there was a resistance movement amongst some of the So'jan people towards the Coalition. Kesar was pleased to accept and immediately headed for Deep Space 5, where he boarded the USS Pioneer for his trip to meet with a Resistance contact. ("The Nothingness")

In 2382, Dr. Kesar assisted with the rescue of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe from the Coalition. ("Nothing Else Matters")

As of 2382, Dr. Lucus Kesar has remained in hiding with the So'ja Resistance.

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