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STEU is an encyclopedia and database, like Memory Alpha or Memory Beta, except for Star Trek fanworks instead of canon or licensed works. Fanworks include fan fiction, fan films, fan-created audio dramas, RPGs, and more, both past and present. We also chronicle the history of Star Trek fandom itself. If it's something fan-created, or a part of fanon lore, information about it belongs here. If you are interested in contributing and don't know where to start, see our most wanted pages, or view recent changes where you can see and assist in current efforts. Please enjoy the wiki!

STEU is not a storytelling venue or a host for fan fiction itself. All articles here must be sourced and properly attributed. If you are looking for a place to create your own stories, there are many fan fiction archives and other online hosts where you can post your work, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts!

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PlanetKillerArmy 1.jpg
A group of Planet Killers destroying a world.
Doomsday War was the name given, in an alternate timeline, to the seemingly endless series of battles that followed the appearance of the Doomsday Weapons in 2254. In 2254 the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike tracked a strong temporal signal. Arriving at the source, they discovered a Planet Killer and Klingon D7 class battle cruiser engaged in battle. The weapon easily destroyed both ships and began pulverizing whole worlds to duplicate and eventually produce an army of machines. (Star Trek: New Voyages: "In Harm's Way")
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"Prophets, give strength to those who are on this long journey home, and give us the ability to persevere over the coming months and years. May we not stray from the ideals that we hold true, and may we one day see our loved ones again. The journey ahead of us is one that we will take, for what choice do we have. May our strength never wane, and may our ship still hold fast, and may we return home one day."
— Lieutenant Drash Elia. (Star Trek: Helen: "The Omega Directive")

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