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The Malon are a Delta Quadrant species which specialized in removal of radioactive waste. First contact by the USS Voyager occurred in 2375 (VOY: "Night").

In 2379 the USS Expedition made contact with the Malon Cooperative. Captain Vanessa is instrumental in helping the Malon to work out a recycling program, with help from the Federation. It wasn't long before the Malon went back to their world.

A distress call from a distant New Talaxia from Dexa alerted the Expedition that several Malon ships are dumping massive amounts of radioactive waste in the belt, and weakening their defensive shields. It is learned that the Malon involved in this illegal dumping were hired by Nocono in an attempt to force the Talaxians out of New Talaxia. Ambassador Neelix made a formal request of Captain Yates for Federation assistance. After a Conference with Starfleet Command it was decided that the colony would be re-designated Deep Space 10, and a Space Station be constructed to make a more pronounced Federation presence.

In 2386, an armada of 45 Malon ships made one large advance onto Deep Space 10. The armada consisted of Malon captains that lost profit due to the Federation's interference in their waste management business. Two ships contained deadly Thalaron radiation as well as Trilithium plasma. The resulting explosion upon striking the minefield rendered them harmless, and sent a shockwave damaging the Station, as well as New Talaxia. The Federation forces fought outnumbered and outgunned for 4 hours, to the near-depletion of their armaments. Captain Lucifel ordered all hands to abandon ship as she set the Expedition to ram the lead forces, and then self destruct, taking the Armada with it. The Malon retreated, and Deep Space 10 survived

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