Maninder "Manny" Hakim was the helmsman of the USS Horizon (NCC-91901) since 2383. (Star Trek: Far Horizons)


In ways, Hakim was destined to become a Starfleet officer. His father, Captain Marcus Hakim, was the commanding officer of the USS Cairo (NCC-42136). In addition, Captain Hakim often told his son stories about the great James T. Kirk, which inspired Manny to sign up for Starfleet after he graduated from High School.

His given name, Maninder, means "lord of the mind". ("Stranded")

Academy yearsEdit

Hakim's studies at the Academy focused on piloting and tactical analysis, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps.

Starfleet yearsEdit

Assigned to Horizon ProjectEdit

In 2382, Hakim was specifically requested to join the Horizon Project by Captain Gavin Pryce, who was good friends with Hakim's father. ("Stranded")


While aboard the USS Horizon, Hakim, along with the rest of the crew, became lost in an unknown part of space when the Horizon had to make a jump while under attack from Breen forces. ("Jump")

After a series of uncontrolled jumps, as a result of the damage from the Breen attack and some unusual anomalies, the Horizon appeared in the Treelan system, where the crew met a hospitable race. It was thanks to the ODN relay repair work by Hakim which ended the uncontrolled jumps. ("Stranded")

Conglomeration attackEdit

The Horizon was attacked by a massive hiveship of the Avkon Conglomeration. Six crewmen from an away team on PM45 were abducted and three were killed. Hakim piloted the Horizon during the battle. ("Conglomeration")

Safe harborEdit

Along with the rest of the crew, Hakim believed that they found a safe harbor when they encountered a mobile space station known as Sanctuary Outpost. ("Sanctuary")

Starfleet service recordEdit

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