Captain Marie Barlow was the previous commanding officer aboard the USS Essex (NCC-31419). (


Barlow was born in New York, Earth. Growing up she spent most of her time on her grandparents’ farm in Indiana. During this time she was sheltered from most technology and this less dependent style of life was to serve her well during her early Starfleet career.

On her first assignment aboard the USS Candelabra, her away team became trapped on the surface of a hostile planet, and face imminent death without their technology. Marie refused to give up and rekindled her rural routes, and used her exceptional survival skills to save the lives of the rest of her team.

This act of supreme improvisation was greatly commended upon their rescue, but the reputation that followed her aboard the ship after was unwelcome. She requested a transfer soon after.

Her degree in engineering was highly sought after and it wasn’t long before the USS Carlson came knocking. Several years of service aboard the ship followed, and she rose through the ranks to become chief engineer.

When the XO position became available she was quick to apply, and was just as quickly dismissed. The fleet command and the captain preferred to bring in an outsider, and a Bajoran- Starfleet convert was assigned.

She continued to serve, and was determined to prove the decision was flawed, eventually being appointed as the captain of the USS Essex where she has served ever since.

When the Essex was attacked by unknown raiders, she was killed along with her Executive Officer. (Star Trek: Artemis: "Here Comes the Cavalry")

Service RecordEdit

  • USS Candelabra - Engineer
  • USS Carlson - Engineer/ promoted to Chief engineer
  • USS Essex - Captain

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