The Star Fleet Marine Corps includes Marine Strike Groups, any one of which is similar to a Marine expeditionary unit except that it tends to be smaller (though it can also consist of a group of three or more ships) and is usually assigned to standing duty aboard a given starship instead of being ground-based as Marine Expeditionary Units usually are. (Starfleet International)

Structure[edit | edit source]

Like a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a Marine Strike Group is built around a reinforced Infantry Battalion, an aviation squadron, a support element and a command element. But unlike a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a Marine Strike Group usually has a troop strength of around 250 beings, and is most usually commanded by a colonel. When necessary, several MSGs can be grouped into a single unit, which is then called a Marine Strike Battalion, or MSB, and is commanded by a brigadier.

Deployment[edit | edit source]

An MSG, if it does not consist of a group of ships, is invariably deployed on a single vessel. If it is based out of a group of three or more ships, a Marine Strike Group can also be called a brigade.

Special Operations[edit | edit source]

Often an MSG may be reinforced with a Star Fleet Special Forces team, a Starfleet Rangers Service team, or a Marine Force Recon Team; whenever this is the case, it is redesignated a MSG (SOC), or Marine Strike Group (Special Operations Capable). Marine Strike Group No. 791,

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