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Mariner is an animated fan fiction series cataloging the adventures of the USS Mariner and her crew. The series isn’t developed in a central location, but rather all participants are spread across the globe. This is especially true concerning the voice acting because the producers wanted to continue Gene Roddenberry’s intentional diversity. Many individuals involved with Mariner’s writing and voice acting have also worked on other Trek productions such as fan films, audio dramas, and J.J. Abrams’ 2009 film.


Mariner is set during the early 25th century (the same era as Star Trek Online). Although the Federation and Klingons are at war, this series focuses on the disarray in Romulan territory after the collapse & reconstitution of the Star Empire. A rogue faction of Romulan pirates has been attacking Federation border colonies...slave traders are thriving with no stable power in the sector...and the Hirogen have now made their way into this untamed region of the Beta Quadrant! The Omega Squadron is tasked with protecting the safety of the border. The USS Mariner is the first ship from this squadron sent deep into the unexplored space formerly under strict Romulan control.

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Crew of the USS MARINER

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Mariner started as a parody web comic. Readers suggested creating animated shorts, and the concept evolved into a full series.

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