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Marissa Lighthart was a Starfleet officer from the 25th century. (Star Trek: Frontiers)


Lighthart served as the administrative head of the Frontiers Project, and was the first officer aboard the USS Enterprise-G prior to being promoted to captain. She began working on the Frontiers Project in 2415 as head of the project's development team. She briefly commanded the USS Troy in 2419 during its run from Ragnairad to Deep Space 9.

Lighthart was once involved in a romantic relationship with the Enterprise barkeeper, Sam, which she briefly rekindled during her tenure on the Enterprise-G. She is notoriously antisocial, preferring to keep all of her crew interactions professional and avoiding socialization at all costs. On the Enterprise-G, the junior officers began circulating a legend that if you say her name in a mirror three times, she'll beam into your quarters and yell at you.


Despite her disdain for space travel, Lighthart holds a number of impressive accomplishments to her name, including opening the Chelin Corridor, bridging the Market Expanse, and stabilizing the Barzan wormhole (by her own admission, she never actually saw the wormhole itself, but completed her work from a science lab). She managed to keep the crew of the USS Tornado alive long enough to arrive after it was badly damaged. She received the James T. Kirk Medal of Valor for her willingness to sacrifice her life to save the crew of the Frontier Station in M106 from invading Separatist forces.

Lighthart is currently captain of the USS Vanguard, part of the so-called "Great Attractor Fleet" currently en route to the Centaurus Wall to investigate the incredible convergence of ancient transwarp corridors.

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