Star Trek Expanded Universe
For the prime universe counterpart, see Marlena Moreau.
Marlena Moreau
Moreau mirror.jpg
Marlena Moreau in 2267.
Actor: Barbara Luna
Species: Human
Gender: female
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Title: science officer
Stationed: ISS Enterprise
Occupation: Imperial Starfleet officer
Rank: lieutenant

In the mirror universe, Marlena Moreau was a Human female who served as a scientist aboard the ISS Enterprise. By 2267, Moreau had also became James T. Kirk's "captain's woman".

As the "captain's woman" she was privileged to some of Kirk's darkest secrets, including knowledge about the deadly Tantalus field which had helped him to retain command of the Enterprise. During the crossover incident which saw several crewmembers (including Kirk) being swapped with their primary universe counterparts, Moreau assisted James T. Kirk in overcoming Hikaru Sulu's assassination attempt by using the Tantalus field to eliminate his henchmen. She then assisted Commander Spock in returning the counterparts to their proper reality. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

Various continuities[]

The Sorrows of Empire[]

In The Sorrows of Empire continuity, Marlena assisted Spock in assassinating the mirror Kirk shortly after his return to the Enterprise following his genocide of the Halkans. Following this she continued to serve as "captain's woman" to Spock and following an intense mind meld became a staunch supporter of Spock's plans to reform the Terran Empire.

By the mid-2270s, Moreau and Spock had married. In 2277, Moreau secretly watched Saavik to see if she would assist Spock's plan to take the throne of the Empire by assassinating Empress Hoshi Sato III and her imperial guard using the Tantalus field. If Saavik had instead used the device to assassinate Spock, Moreau would have prevented her carrying it out by shooting her with a concealed phaser. Thankfully, Saavik supported Spock and Marlena was soon proclaimed Empress consort of the Terran Empire. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

The Final Days[]

In this continuity Spock and his security team confiscated the device Scotty installed in Enterprise's warp engines to enable the transporter to return them home, and used it to send Marlena Moreau to the Federation universe without bringing her counterpart into the mirror universe.

Star Trek Continues[]

In this continuity, Moreau joined Spock's mutiny against Kirk and showed Spock Kirk's Tantalus Field. However, Spock refused to use the device as he believed it would make him as bad as Kirk. Instead, Spock had Moreau join him in auxiliary control. After overthrowing Kirk, Moreau became chief science officer under Captain Spock. (Star Trek Continues: "Fairest Of Them All")

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