Marriage is the institution in which two or more individuals are bonded, for various reasons, but the most common being religion or reproduction. The ceremony in which marriage begins is called a wedding ceremony.

Many cultures had provisions to terminate a legal marriage through a divorce or annulment.

Customs and traditions[edit | edit source]

Romulan marriages were sometimes arranged, especially among people of senatorial classes. The ceremony was called the so'rdaz and Romulans were expected to be fully loyal in marriage, even if it often led to unhappy marriages. People who committed adultery were considered capable of treason. (Last Unicorn Games RPG: The Way of D'Era: The Romulans)

Simpsons regarded marriage as a predominantly financial act, as many poor Simpsons get married to pay less taxes. Nevertheless, Simpsons of all social classes got married. (RIS Bouteina: "Marriage and Honeymoon")

Cardassians referred to marriage as "enjoinment", and traditionally required the female to leave any dangerous occupations upon betrothal (though in the mirror universe, Dal Kanril Eleya refused to, with the agreement of her fiance Derlin Velor, on grounds that leaving field service in the Cardassian Guard would drive her crazy). (TLE novel: Night of the Wolves; Bait and Switch: The Wrong Reflection)

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