Martyrs of Kashima
Part of Occupation of Bajor
Date: mid-24th century
Location: Kashima Monastery, Bajor
Result: Bajoran Resistance strategic victory
Cardassian Guard Second Order
1 division 231 guerrillas
at least 10 tanks and 4 gunships N/A
unknown total

The Martyrs of Kashima was the name given to a major confrontation between two Bajoran Resistance groups, the Kohn-Ma and the Sons of Rakantha, and the Cardassian Second Order during the Occupation of Bajor. (The War of the Masters: "Looking into Enemy Eyes")


After Kai Opaka Sulan abolished the D'jarra, the Bajoran caste system, the Bajoran Occupational Government ordered her arrest. She took refuge in the Kashima Monastery under guard of the Bajoran Resistance.

A division of the Second Order was deployed to the monastery to arrest Opaka.


The Bajorans, numbering 231 members of two groups, entrenched themselves and managed to destroy ten Cardassian tanks and four gunships in a battle lasting six hours. In the end they were overrun and every fighter there was killed or executed; however, Opaka had escaped.


The battle at the Kashima Monastery had far-reaching consequences and was viewed as a turning point in the Occupation. The attempted arrest of Kai Opaka was viewed as a direct attack on the Bajoran religion itself, which galvanized the Resistance worldwide. In addition, the Ferengi Alliance was convinced by the Bajorans' performance to begin selling heavy weapons to the Resistance: Grand Nagus Zek would make much of his fortune reselling Bajoran art and artifacts taken as payment. On Cardassia Prime itself, the Detapa Council convinced Supreme Legate Keve to fire Legate Sharn as Prefect of Bajor. He was replaced with Gul Dukat, which led to further decline in Cardassian fortunes.

Brigadier General K'Ragh of the Klingon Defense Force wrote a study paper on the Bajoran Resistance in his fifth year at Klingon War Academy, which included the Martyrs of Kashima. This led to him getting the job of covertly arming Federation colonists before war broke out between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

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