Concept Art of an Oppressor Mass Driver from Star Trek: Pioneer

Mass Driver bombardment from Star Trek: Pioneer

Mass Driver impact from Star Trek: Pioneer

The Mass Drivers are space vessels that can fire a plasma based projectiles towards a planet's surface, impacting almost like an asteroid. They are an ancient plasma weapon created by a species from the Oralian sector often referred to as the First Ones. When the First Ones left the Oralian sector the Oppressors took control over the remaining mass drivers and backward engineered them to create more. During the Coalition War, the So'ja Coalition appeared to have kept some of the mass drivers left over from when they rebelled against the Oppressors. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

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The term and purpose of the "Mass Drivers" were inspired from the sci-fi television series Babylon 5. Mass Drivers have been an actual scientific idea, check out wikipedia's page on them: Mass Driver.

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