Matthew Cole (service number DW 484-033) was the Mission Operations Officer on the USS Intrepid. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

Matthew Cole was born on Dorvan 5 in 2347.

Family and personal life[edit | edit source]

A capable Starfleet officer, Matt Cole resigned his commission to aid the Maquis in their struggle against the Cardassians. He was later arrested by Starfleet and spent eight months at the New Zealand penal settlement, before being reinstated to Starfleet during the Dominion War. He was assigned to Intrepid as Mission Operations Officer during the war, and remained on board ever since. His previous record prevented him from rising above the rank of lieutenant.

Matt Cole was a master of acquisition. Whether a spare power relay, or a special bottle of Chateau Picard, Cole was the man to see, an ability that proved extremely useful during the Charybdis sector mission.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Matt Cole previously served aboard the USS Discovery with Daniel Hunter, before joining the Maquis.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

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